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 Making good wine is not enough. Modern methods must be strictly applied to the ancient art of wine-making and persistence is necessary, because quality is achieved working day after day. This sweet toil is made up of lots of little victories and endless difficulties. Obstacles make the challenge even more exciting.
This is how this wine is made from the grapes of Grechetto vines, the historic vines native to the area around Todi. Grapes are harvested in the first ten days of September and carefully selected before being gently pressed. The precious musts are left to ferment in steel vats with controlled temperatures for a few weeks before being transferred to large Slavonian oak barrels for about 12 months. The final stages of maturation take place in bottles, producing a full, pale yellow wine, smelling of pineapple, golden apple, small yellow flowers and with very delicate sweet spice notes.
This incredibly elegant and complex wine tastes warm and soft. It is best served three or four years after the grapes were harvested. It is perfect with vegetable-based first courses, white meats and soft cheeses. Excellent served at 10 or 11°C.